“Life’s Essentials with Prem Rawat” podcast series 2, episode 12 – Peace is not what you have. Peace is what you Feel.

Jan 19, 2021

How do you feel real peace?

Listen to learn about the Peace Education Program.

In this week’s fast paced Q & A podcast, Prem reads some questions and comments from participants in the Peace Education Program. Most of the questions answered have come from correctional facilities. He talks about “unchange” and seeing things through the eyes of reality. There have been a lot of ideas that have been brought forth and some are ok and some are not. You have to decide how you want to be. You have to be in control and come from a clear perspective about what you want in your life.

Many of the demands placed on us are made by society so we can fit in. Society wants to mold us. But it often backfires because we lose ourselves in the process and become disoriented. If we are in touch with ourselves we will be a better part of society. We should appreciate life and savor each moment. We forget how to evoke the amazing powers within us such as kindness. It takes time to get out of the hole we put ourselves in and to see the reality. We should see that life is all joy and be an opportunist by taking advantage of what life has to offer. When we die we can take nothing with us except the thankfulness and gratitude we have for life. We have deviated from where our true potential lies.

Prem goes on to say, “Peace is not about what you have but what you feel.” The same is true for love and clarity. We look outside for fulfillment when we should be looking inside. One man asks, “How do I separate myself from my worldly worries?” Prem responds that the worries will always be there. You need to learn to separate from them.

It’s about knowing what is going on inside of you. Peace is possible and once you have found it you can share it with others. A lit candle can light an unlit candle. All you need is to be at peace, and it’s already inside you.

In this part of the podcast Prem is on a roll, quickly reading profound comments, giving precise and insightful answers. Many parents and other adults write to Prem asking about how to communicate with family and with teenagers. Prem focuses his advice on treating everyone fairly and as equal humans.

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