Interview with Italian television channel 2 TG2

Oct 30, 2020

ITALIAN TG2 about the book WHEN THE DESERT BLOOMS, June 23, 2019

Watch the interview on TG2 in Italian here.

Prem Rawat TG2 2019

And now a book of poems and more, written by Prem Rawat, Quando il deserto fiorisce, the book that will make your heart smile. 15 million hearts already felt that.

When we look at a desert, we think there is nothing there: no light, no life. But just a little bit of rain is enough on a desert, something that hits some points on earth, and everything changes. We should change our point of view. When a light is lit, even though it is small, it can light up everything. Ants, grains of sand, everything can teach us something: to hope that even a desert can bloom.

Today’s world is not an easy place to live in. I have seen dark landscapes, but also bright landscapes, full of light. We should be inclined to look at them, and maybe change them.

The most important thing is to look for happiness: never stop looking for it in our lives, never give up. Today we look so much for peace in a fighting world, but there is no peace in the world without peace with the self, nor happiness, if we do not understand that the first and fundamental happiness is in life itself.

We should find answers, maybe be ready to smile anyway, always ready to start again, that’s where we should start from.

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