How You Can Support TPRF’S Food for People Program

Dec 5, 2021

World hunger – exacerbated by climate change, conflict, supply change problems, and COVID-19 — is on the rise, affecting 9.9% of the global population. That’s one out of every ten people.  And if that statistic isn’t sobering enough to give you pause, consider this: 14 million children under the age of five suffer from severe acute malnutrition.

Prem Rawat and his humanitarian aid organization, The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF), are deeply committed to helping address this challenge. Since 2006, when its first Food for People facility opened in Bantoli, India (later to expand to Nepal and Ghana), it has served more than 4.1 million healthy meals to children and elderly adults in poverty-stricken areas. As a result of their efforts in the regions they’ve served, health has improved, school enrollment and achievement have skyrocketed, crime, hopelessness, and disease have declined, and local economies have begun to bloom. 

And while TPRF’s work has been lauded by Prime Ministers, local officials, community elders, teachers, and thousands of students, its work has really just begun. And that is why The Prem Rawat Foundation is reaching out to you now to help them reach its fundraising goal of $150,000 by December 31. Matching funds of $72,575 have already been pledged, doubling the impact of whatever donation you choose to make up to that amount.

Please know that every little bit helps. No donation is too small.  

Between now and December 31, TPRF will be releasing a series of new videos that highlight the different ways your support make a difference. The appeal launched last week with a new video of Prem Rawat sharing his vision for TPRF and expressing appreciation to all of you who make it possible. This week’s new videos go into more detail about his vision for Food for People and showcase the perspectives of people whose lives have been touched by it.

Each week, for the next two weeks, will publish an article about one of TPRF’s humanitarian initiatives, each one featuring a unique aspect of its ongoing efforts to make a difference in the world. Next week, we’ll feature TPRF-sponsored events that help to build an understanding of personal peace. Then we will feature the impact of TPRF’s most far-reaching initiative, the Peace Education Program.

Food for thought?  Yes. But even more importantly, food for thousands of needy children and elders in India, Nepal, and Ghana.

FFP Panel

Click here to watch the new videos and donate.

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