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Jun 7, 2022

“Gaining knowledge about the self is a process of discovery, of uncovering who we are.” – Prem Rawat, “Hear Yourself”

If you haven’t logged onto PremRawat.com in a while, you’ve missed a wide variety of informative and inspiring content. What follows are links to some of what’s been posted since November, 2021.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
About Prem Rawat
12 Ways to Learn More About Prem Rawat and his Message of Peace
“Hear Yourself” Continues Having Impact
Prem Rawat Visits Zimbabwe Prison
Johannesburg Knowledge Session and Knowledge Review

Prem Rawat’s Official YouTube Channel
TPRF’s Empowering People Booklet
The Event Gallery: A Hidden Pearl
“Hear Yourself” Book Unveiling in Mumbai
TPRF’s Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine
One Person at a Time (a story about Shri Maharaji)

The Wisdom Quotes of “Hear Yourself”: Part One
The Wisdom Quotes of “Hear Yourself”: Part Two
The Wisdom Quotes of “Hear Yourself”: Part Three
The Information Overload Phenomenon

A Shout Out for “Hear Yourself” from Bordeaux
TPRF’s Peace Education Program
TPRF’s Sponsorship of Peace Themed Events
How You Can Support TPRF’s Food for People Program

A Practical Way to Celebrate TPRF’s 20th Anniversary
About TimelessToday Subscriptions
Putting the Human Back Into Humanitarian
“Hear Yourself” Debuts on the New York Times Bestseller List

Upcoming articles include coverage of the May 28th UK event, Prem Rawat’s Google Talks presentation, the publication of the German edition of “Hear Yourself”, a colorful update about Amaroo, the upgrade of PEAK (Peace Education and Knowledge), the impact of the “Inside Peace” documentary, testimonials from people whose lives have changed for the better from practicing the techniques of Knowledge, fascinating interviews and much, much more.

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