“Hear Yourself” Book Launch in Madrid

Feb 29, 2020

Prem launched his new book “Hear Yourself” at the Calderon Theatre in Madrid, Spain. He speaks about the book that took 2 years to write and was a work in progress for many more years.

The audience was able to listen to Prem speak not only about the book but about how to find inner peace in a loud and confusing world. The book focuses on the important things in life: peace, tranquility, and joy. Distractions take our view outside of ourselves and it becomes a challenge to look within. He reminds us to put on our own gas mask first before helping others. Happiness begins with us and the world likes easy going people who are happy and kind.

What we need is the oxygen mask of life, the breath should be what our primary focus. Breathing is a natural reflex from birth to death. From that first moment, we are stuck in this moment called now and we go step by step into the story of your life. He asks who controls this story called life and what we do with the gift we have been given.

He asks us “What influences you?” is it what is cool or what is true? Know the difference between what you want or what you need. Be actively engaged in your future to create peace in your lives and to make a kinder world.

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