Daya Rawat Thanks You for Making Awakening Dignity Appeal a Success

Jan 19, 2023

The following message is from Daya Rawat, Prem Rawat’s daughter, who volunteers as the President of The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF).

Wow! I am happy to report that TPRF’s December Awakening Dignity Appeal exceeded its goal of $175,000 with a total of $221,215 from 2,275 contributors.

My thanks to each one of you who contributed to help more and more people discover their own dignity and the possibility of personal peace. It is amazing what we can accomplish when our donations, time and talents come together.

The videos released during the appeal show beautiful examples of the impact we are having, and you can watch all of them here. Prem Rawat also recently released a New Year video greeting that serves as an uplifting reminder that we all have the potential to be sources of light and kindness in this world.

I hope that your giving experience is truly gratifying. Giving is meant to give back, and I hear again and again that it does. It is certainly true for me.

My heartfelt wishes to each of you for a wonderful and fulfilling New Year,

 Daya Rawat

The Prem Rawat Foundation

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