Bestselling Author Prem Rawat’s “Hear Yourself” Book Launch Sets a New Guinness World Record

Apr 12, 2023

On April 2, 2023, in Lucknow, India, Global Peace Ambassador and master storyteller, Prem Rawat, read a chapter of his bookHear Yourself: How to Find Peace in a Noisy World”  in Hindi to an audience of 114,704.

This historic gathering, held at the Mega Mata Ramabai Ambedkar Grounds, set the world record for the largest audience ever to attend a book reading by a single author.

The previous record was 6,786.

Remarkably, the new world record established by Mr. Rawat also exceeded the previous multiple author record of 20,264 held by Harry Potter author, J.K. Rowling, and two others.

Guinness World Record’s adjudicator, Mr. Pravin Patel, attended the event in person to ensure that all of the criteria for establishing the new world record were met. At the end of the reading, Mr. Patel took the stage and presented Prem Rawat with a beautifully framed plaque commemorating the accomplishment.

The Lucknow event – attended by dignitaries, intellectuals, celebrities, students and individuals from all walks of life –  offered attendees a unique opportunity to not only celebrate the launch of the Hindi version of “Hear Yourself”, but also listen to Prem read from chapter 3 of his book.

 Peace has all the possible blessings one can think of.   We only need to choose peace.
We don’t have to create peace.

Prem Rawat

After Prem Rawat’s 23-minute reading, he was joined on stage for a freewheeling interview by Bollywood actress and wellness guide Bhagyashree Dassani.

“Why we are not able to hear ourselves, while hearing so many other people in our life?” she asked.

“It is very difficult to stop the noise between our ears,” Prem explained. “We are busy worrying about yesterday and tomorrow when life exists in today. Learn from children how to live in the present. Children know how to live life in every moment.”

Visibly inspired by the chance to share his perspective in his native country, Rawat continued.

The coming and going of the breath is the biggest success for everyone. Because of darkness in our life, we don’t see what has been given to us.

Prem Rawat

And then he added: “Only a lit candle can light another candle. Only when you are happy can you make other people happy. Peace is something to be found inside.”

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Prem Rawat’s groundbreaking book, published by HarperCollins, was first released in English in the United States in September 2021. Two weeks later it became a New York Times best-seller and has already sold more than 100,000 copies.

With the recent release of the Hindi version, it is now available in seven  languages, including English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Portuguese.

The need for a book like “Hear Yourself” has, perhaps, never been  greater. Even a casual glance at the nightly news reveals just how deafening the noise of modern life is these days – a worldwide phenomenon that has contributed to an ever-growing amount of stress, isolation, worry, fear and hopelessness.

While not a magic pill, Prem Rawat’s book is making it much easier for people everywhere to turn down the noise between their ears and connect with the magic of their own lives.

Prem Rawat’s April 2 Guinness World Records gathering in Lucknow was the first of two public events he will be doing in India. On April 9, he will address another large audience in Mirzapur.

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