Barbara Roche

Jun 29, 2022

“Glastonbury Festival 1971 was a very significant time for me. I was 18 and desperate to know if there was a God or not. Something amazing was going to happen at Glastonbury and I had to be there. I didn’t go for the music or because it was a gathering. I thought that maybe I would find the truth.

“On the day that Prem spoke from the Pyramid Stage, I was in my tent. I could hear him speaking, but I was so skeptical. He was only 13. What could he tell me? Who was behind him, telling him what to say?

“I returned home and it seemed that everyone I met was talking about Prem. I thought, ‘What I’m looking for is inside me. I don’t need anyone to tell me’. I even said, ‘If he is who they say, then he’ll find me.’ 

“I used to meditate, hoping I’d find what I was looking for. One day I had a powerful experience. I felt I had experienced a higher force, but it overwhelmed and scared me. I felt like my questions had been answered, but I was confused. Shortly after, I read a magazine which contained some talks by Prem. I was immediately drawn to his words and recognised that he could help and guide me.

“I am so grateful for his influence in my life since that day in Glastonbury. He continues to inspire me and give me clarity and direction.” 

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