AskaNews Interview & Video with Dott. Giorgio Todini

Oct 30, 2020

The desert blooms if you know yourself

Read the original article and watch the interview in Italian here.

ASKANEWS INTERVIEW: QUESTIONS By Dott. Giorgio Todini – vice director of ASKANEWS

Translation of the questions:

We are in the studios of Askanews with Prem Rawat, that we thank. It is a pleasure and a real honor to be with him. Prem Rawat is known all over the world for his message of peace. He has been travelling all over the world since he was very young. He also started an important foundation that works for peace, for human rights, for social equality. Most of all, he sends us important messages, some of them in this book “When the desert blooms”, which we have here and would like to present. But, since we have this opportunity in this interview, a bit in Italian, a bit in English, I suggest we try to know each other more. First of all, thanks, Mr. Rawat, to stay (sic) here. My first question is: You came to Italy many times. What do you like about our country?

What exactly motivated you to write this book – When the desert blooms – since you are more a public speaker than a writer?

Let’s speak about a next book of yours.  Are you working on a new project, since there has been a shift, we could say, from the world of “speaking”, to the world of “publishing”?

So, we can say you have been travelling your entire life, bringing this message all over the world; but the world has changed since you first started travelling. It has evolved. Has your message evolved, has it changed as well?

We said you met very many people, in a great number of events. There is also going to be an event in Milan on June 16. Did you see the impact of your message? How would you define the impact of your message on people?


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