Millions and millions of years in the making for you to be alive today—for you, you! I mean…I mean, you. I mean, you … as a…that person.

I mean, what is absolutely fascinating—that you are identical to the person sitting next to you, and you’re not. You’re made out of the same elements that the person sitting next to you is—oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, calcium, nitrogen, and phosphorus; 99.9 percent of you, this is what you’re made out of.

“So, what if the person sitting next to you is a woman? Surely they’re made out of something different, right?”

For those of you who have always thought this, I have some bad news. They’re not! They’re identical. The basic elements are identical.

And yet, how you think is entirely different from the person sitting next to you. How you smile is totally different; how you laugh is totally different; what makes you sad is totally different, and in fact, what makes you happy is totally different. Totally different.

So, I have never seen such a similarity, and such a difference—but the difference is not in what you are made of. The difference is how you react, how you express, how you take in, how you synthesize.

And what it means to you to be alive!

– Prem Rawat