You Are Irreplaceable

Prem Rawat:

There are people on the face of this earth who are very rich. There are people on the face of this earth who are very poor! There are people who are very educated; there are people who are not very educated. There are people who are very nice! There are people who are not very nice.

But what do we all share in common? I’ll tell you what we share in common. And there is no exception, no exception whatsoever. One day we came in this world; one day we have to go from this world, regardless of who we are.

So, now that we have established those two points, (the beginning and the end), this defines this period of time that we have on the face of this earth. And this time that we have between those two points of when we came, to when we have to go, it’s called “life.”

And here is something that I would like to tell you. Contrary to what you may believe—contrary to what you may believe, you and you alone are responsible for what happens between the two points. (Oops. I said something really intense, didn’t I? Whoa.)

Even if you lived between those two points for a hundred years, that’s only 36,500 days. Thirty-six thousand five hundred days? You have time for gadgets? Do you really have time to go around and go in “envy mode?” Do you really have the opportunity or the luxury of FOMO? (Fear of missing out?)

Even if you are ninety-eight years old, your scale should not change. Your scale should still say, “How happy was I today?” Not “How fried I am today.” “How happy was I today? How much peace did I feel today?”

This could be in the worst of the circumstances. “How fortunate did I feel today”; these are the tools you need to start gathering the good. Because you ask, “What is wrong,” right? You ask “What is wrong?” Your whole focus is “Something is wrong. What is wrong? What’s, what’s wrong?!”

You don’t come into a circumstance going “What is right?” What is right? Look at what is right. Even in the direst circumstances, you are not abandoned. There’s an incredible thing happening. Only happens once.

Never since the history of this creation was there one like you. No one. You’re it. You’ve got to take care of yourself. Because never again for as long as this earth is going to be, there is ever going to be another like you.

Whoever you are, wherever you’re from, you are irreplaceable. Seven-point-nine billion people, (actually, it’s 7.89 but they rounded it off), 7.9 billion people on the face of this earth. And you are unique. Capture that. Capture that uniqueness. Take pride in that uniqueness. Don’t try to be “normal.” Be who you are, the exception to the 7.9 billion people; you’re the exception.