Within you

What questions do you ask?

What questions should you be asking?

Do you ask the question, “Am I blessed? [From audience: No. … Ha!] And if I am blessed … do I feel it … every single day?”

Every single day? “Am I alive? Do I feel alive every single day?” Or, (would) do I feel (th’) in my emotions … jealousy … anger … fear … doubt? (Ha!)

If you don’t … feel … jealousy and fear and anger and doubt, you should be put in a museum. [laughter] You should be stuffed … and put it [in] a museum to say, “Here is a person who doesn’t feel anger, fear, doubt, confusion!” [word, whispered: “Come!”]

But the thing is … that if there is fear in you … there is freedom in you. If there is anger in you, there is compassion in you. If there is confusion in you, then there is clarity in you.


If there is pain in you, there is joy in you.

In you! Do you understand what that means, “In you”? Most people hear what I am saying, but it doesn’t compute: “In you.” Because for most people … who are the believers, for them this comes from up there.

Uh-uh! People say to me … “Where will I go?”—(I mean, everybody, right?) So, what, what will happen to you when you die? What will happen to you when you die? Are you going to go to heaven? [audience reaction] I’m just asking! [laughter]

So if you’re going to go somewhere … if you’re going to go somewhere … that means … that when you were born, (and say, you weighed five pounds,) the earth, the weight of the earth increased. [laughter] Right? [Inds.: (laughter) Yes.]

And when you’re going to go … [laughter] the (e’,) weight of the earth will decrease! [Inds.: Yes. (words)] Right?! Does it? [From audience: No. No.] [after translation, laughter, “No. (words) No. No. (words) No.”]

This is the belief system. This is the belief system: “Oh, I want to…. A’, yeah, I’m doing everything I am doing, you know, (I,) by the book, by the law, because I want to go to heaven. I want to go to heaven; I want to go to….” And do you want it expedited?


[From audience: Yeah. Yeah! (laughter, words) No. Okay! (laughter) yeah!]

Look! Longer you are here, the more chances you have, (m’) [of] making mistakes. [laughter, words]

So, best not to make mistakes—[From audience: Yeah. Um-hmm.] right?

So you want to go early? [From audience: Yes! No.] “Mmmmmmmmm-nnnnn-no!” [laughter]

So now you’re contradicting yourself! If heaven is such a wonderful place … why the wait? [laughter]

“Ahhh! Eeee-yessssss” … and “Ahhhh, nn-no!” Because you also know … where heaven is. And you know … that heaven is right here. And you want to be in heaven. And you also know what hell is. You know what is hell? Very simple. Very simple. It’s not about (by,) boiling pots. When you are … not in heaven … [Inds.: words] that’s hell! That’s hell