What you think you know

Do you know the self? Because if you know the self, then you will know what you need to do to get back to being who you truly are.

The journey to become you is a journey back. It is undoing! Learning is very little new information. Undoing what you think you know takes most of the time.

Same thing with the self; same thing with the Knowledge, the “Knowledge of the self.” Need I say more? It’s everything.

Not, “Oh, you’ve had it longer than me; I have it longer than you; you received it in ’72; you received in ’94….” Kchch! Then you don’t know yourself. If you do that, you don’t know yourself. Excuse me, you don’t know yourself.

Because, remember what I was saying? Knowing yourself isn’t comparing to the next person: “I am not that,” or, “I am that plus that.” No, you are you. This is your time, your choices, your understanding, your life—your life. You have been given what you have been given.

– Prem Rawat