What is gratitude

What is gratitude? This is what I was saying yesterday, “Gratitude is when somebody gives you something.

And when you receive that gift, and you feel good—you feel good—then you take some of that ‘good’ that you feel, and give it to the person who gave you that gift.” And that’s gratitude. That’s gratitude—that’s all gratitude is.

You gave me something that made me feel so good; let me give you a little of what you gave me, so you can feel good too. This is being human. What else of a gift can a human give to the Divine, except something that is so fundamentally human? And one thing that is so fundamentally human is that a human can feel good—can feel good.

Nobody can feel good like you do. Seven-point-five billion, six billion—seven, eight, nine, whatever it is now—people on the face of this earth? And each one is unique in how they feel the goodness. It’s their signature. “This is how I feel that goodness; this is how I feel being alive. This is how I feel when I am content. This is how I feel when I am clear.” To give to the Divine the gift of gratitude.

– Prem Rawat