To the apex

Economic problems plague the world. People don’t feel safe. And so you wonder, “Why? What happened? How did we become like this? Is this our nature? This is…is this who we are?”

Or is something else going on…that maybe we are so separated from our true self that we don’t understand our nature anymore? Have you really grasped what it is to be human? And have you brought this to the apex?

Even a tree…even a tree tries to bring its fruit to an apex. What about you? What about you?

Or, are you caught in the same formulas of anger, fear, frustration, confusion, with peace as a hope somewhere over here, way back here—“someday”—when the peace is always inside of you?

Anger is inside of you; forgiveness is inside of you. Hate is inside of you; love is inside of you. Joy is inside of you; sadness is inside of you. Confusion is inside of you; clarity is inside of you.

Your anger goes wherever you go. Your fear goes wherever you go. Your confusion goes wherever you go. But—and here’s the good news—clarity has come along too! Joy has come along too! Understanding has come along too! Strength has come along too!

Just…the question is, which one are you willing to welcome in your life?