The symphony of life

Only when we begin to know ourselves do we realize that the treasures we seek on the outside are the treasures that are within us—that that compassion that we seek from the others is the compassion that is already within us, that generosity that we need in our lives is the generosity that is already within us.

And this generosity—I’ll tell you about it. You know what is the greatest gift, and given so abundantly? And it is generosity beyond belief. Then all you have to do is look at your breath. Generosity. It is the most precious thing, because it is generosity at its best. It is life! And the life dances. It is real!

Do you get scared with your problems? When the problems come, does that scare you? Of course. It scares me. But I have learned…I have learned that the problems come and go. They come; they go. Then they come back again, but then they go. Then they come back again. And they go. And every time they come, they scare you.

This dance of this breath, on the other hand, is with you! It comes in—and this is how it begins; it doesn’t just begin by going out. This is how this note plays. This note, this symphony begins with this gift of breath coming in, and the whole symphony ends with the breath going out and not coming back in.

And that constitutes your life.

– Prem Rawat