The song

Understand that you are the flute, and you are the flute player. You are the flute, and you are the flute player. But you are not the song. You would be the song too if you could control your breath, birth, and death. But you don’t.

Life is encapsulated in these two brackets: birth and death. Between these two, you are alive. So play in unison with the song. What is the song? The song is existence.

This breath that comes into you, this fountain that comes into you is the simplest of acts that happens. Nothing can be simpler; it’s the simplest of acts and yet so incredibly profound.

Start understanding that simplicity and the rhythm of that simplicity, and you will play the song—with the song, your tune. And what is the outcome? Hmm! The same outcome that a musician gets when he hits the note just right! It’s called fulfillment. Fulfillment.

– Prem Rawat