The same fate

You … are like me. We, (because,) we share ultimately—every one of us on the face of this earth ultimately shares the same fate! We were born; we are alive, and one day we’re going to die.

The rich? Yes. Poor—yes. Educated? Yes. Uneducated? Yes. Ugly? Yes! Very pretty? Yes.

Strong? Yes. Weak? Yes.

Hindu? Yes. Moslem? Yes … and any other religion you want to throw in there.

This is, this is our fate. And in this … incredible story, the day we were born and then, the day we have to go…. And there’s this time….
And everybody has a number. “I want to be … eighty years old; I want to be a hundred”—where did this number come from? Excuse me, where did this number come from? Who gave you this number? You made it up! There are no guarantees!

One day … I get a request. And so I…. The request is to call this couple. And they have just lost their very young daughter in an accident. And I’m like, “This is terrible! It’s terrible! What can I tell them?”

And so … I get on the phone. And of course they’re very sad, very sad. (Hmmh!) And I said to them … “I cannot change anything. But I can tell you something. You knew your daughter. You loved your daughter. And if you only got to know her for one day, just one day … would it be enough? Just one day?” And they said, “Yeah.”