The Road Less Noisy

Prem Rawat:

First of all, see if you can identify the noise. Do you get hit by the noise? We all do. Now, let’s see who’s in charge. Tell the noise to shut up. If it does, congratulations; you’re in charge. If it doesn’t?! You’ve got problems. You are not in charge – regardless of how successful you are. Regardless of what you have accomplished, you’re not in charge.

Do you have problems sleeping? Noise! Noise won’t let you sleep. It causes big health problems. Make a decision? It won’t let you make a decision! “No, no, but-but what-what about this?! What about this?! What about this?!”

Why did you miss your flight? Because of the noise. And now who’s bothering you that you missed your flight? I mean, look, it’s done! Right? The plane is gone. There is no way that plane is coming back to pick you up. If it does come back, you don’t want to be on it. It only came back because it’s broken, and so they’d have to return.

It’s not like the goodness of the captain’s heart, “And so, you know, we left somebody, let’s go back and get ‘em.” Nope. The airlines would fire the captain. “Who’s going to pay for that extra fuel?”

So, who is in charge? Now, what am I actually saying to you? And what I’m actually saying to you is you should be in charge. It’s your life; you should be in charge. But the problem is, you’re not. And that is the issue of the noise. It doesn’t let that peace manifest.

And we get so used to it. This is our problem; we get used to things; we get used to the noise, and we’re like, “Oh, it’s okay.” Then we’ve got a problem. Then we’ve got a real problem.

So, all of these things, you know, these are the decisions that I think we have to make; that’s why we need to be proactive in our lives!