The power of comprehension

The power of comprehension that you have, as a human being, is unlimited! Is unlimited! That, all this happens: the sun, where it is right now, it’ll be there tomorrow too! But it’s not about the sun being there.

As this becomes repeatable, I, my life can become repeatable, and every day become the same—and I am in prison, and prison, and prison, and prison.

To me it’s very simple! What is the definition of heaven? The definition of heaven is very, very simple. “When you feel content. When you are in that joy. When you are experiencing something that, you never want it to end!”

What is the definition of hell? “When you’re not in heaven!” There doesn’t need to be a definition for hell. There doesn’t need to be a definition for darkness. You need to only define light.

What is light? “When you can perceive. When you can see! When you can perceive; when you can fathom!”

In your life, these eyes are limited! The eyes of wisdom allow you to fathom even more in your existence. To see even more, all those hidden nuances that you do not realize are there! To see your weakness, and see your strength. And to work on your strength, to make that stronger—that’s, that’s wisdom!

And this is the possibility; this is what you can have. This is who you are. On one hand, of course—you were born; you were put together of all the stuff that you call dirt.

On the other hand, that dirt can talk, walk, sleep, think, admire, cry. All the palette is there … of your expression—you cry; you weep; you laugh; you understand; you don’t understand. You get confused! You get depressed!

So, I see human beings—it’s, they get into their problems so much! I mean, it’s like, “Uh-aeaaah!” And they surrender to their problem. That’s it!

“Nothing will ever come of me.” That’s not true! Of all the power that you have…. Because the Divine that is in you, if you allow that Divine to manifest, you will get some of those powers. And the power is … to destroy that attribute about yourself that you do not want. Or, you can destroy your goodness—you can do that too!

So, all these paradoxes that we faced with—only the wisdom, the consciousness, the understanding, the reality can help us to overlook, see beyond all of these things, and see the preciousness of life.

– Prem Rawat