The hunger we share

There are so many cuisines in this world. You have Indian cuisine; you have Chinese; you have Japanese; you have European. You have so many cuisines. But what is the fundamental thing behind each one of these foods, behind each one of these cuisines? It’s hunger!

Now hunger—does hunger have a language? No. Does hunger have a nationality? No. Does hunger have a time? No. Hunger is hunger. If you feel hungry, you need to eat.

And it’s the same way, even so far that we are looking at peace as an external thing. Yes, likes, dislikes—“I don’t like that flavor of peace; I want this flavor of peace.”

But if you’re hungry and you’re hungry for that peace that is inside of you, then all these barriers go away, and you see only the reality of peace, not the concept of the reality of peace. And that’s important, very important to recognize.

– Prem Rawat