The clarity is in you

Whatever happens in your life, the goodness is in you; the joy is in you; the clarity is in you; the peace is in you. This is what makes a human a human. That’s what makes you so special: that we have the possibility to feel peace, this power to reason, this power to be able to communicate, this power to be able to understand, this power to be able to transfer knowledge, to understand and fulfill, as a human being. Try! Try, in your life.

That positive effort that you make towards knowing yourself, every step that you take, will not go in vain—whoever you are. In the realm of knowing, age does not matter. Age doesn’t matter!

Because you’re not trying to create peace. See, if you were trying to create peace, then age would matter because your physical dexterity and strength would all come into play.

That process of peace is undoing, not doing. Anybody can undo. It’s removing those blocks that are here, to be able to get to that heart where that courage resides, where the simplicity resides within you.

– Prem Rawat