The Candle and the Flame

Prem Rawat:

When you take one candle and light it — and from that candle, you take that candle to an unlit candle and you light that candle. And then you take that first candle that you lit, and then you light the second candle. And the third candle, and the fourth candle, and the fifth candle, and the sixth candle, and the seventh candle, and so on. All the way to ten.

But isn’t the flame the same — that lights this candle, lights that candle, lights the other candle, and the other candle, and all the subsequent candles? But is it the same candle? Candles are different because there’s a number for the candle, “one, two, three, four,” but the flame is the same.

That’s the divine in action. That’s the divine in action. Seven billion candles, and the same flame — in each one! Flame: candle. Divine in action. Seven billion candles: same flame. That’s who you are. That’s who you are. That combination of the candle and the flame. What is the relationship?

Now, this candle is valuable. This candle gives light; this candle is precious. There is the candle; there is the light. Now, what I’m about to say, pay attention. And then I will stop. That candle, when it is lit, there’s one issue that you have to be careful of. I mean, it’s beautiful; it’s incredible; it’s great; it’s just all good. But you do have to be careful of one thing.

And that one thing that you have to be careful of is “Now, the candle is going to cast shadows.” And that is called “ignorance.” Whilst you’re alive, shadows cast is ignorance. When you hit that wall and disappear, you don’t have to fear. No more ignorance.

All you have to do is be careful. Pay attention to what is important. Pay attention to this breath. Pay attention to being alive, (which is you’re not hitting the wall). Pay attention to everything that is right in your life. Don’t be intimidated by the shadow. Rejoice for the light. And then, your life can be a celebration as it needs to be.

And I sincerely hope that your life, every day that you haven’t hit that wall, becomes a celebration for you. Because everything less than that is a compromise.