Simple is extraordinary

The six things that we are made out of—oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, calcium, nitrogen, and phosphorus—this is what we’re made out of. This composition was possible because it was available here.

How ordinary do you think oxygen is? It’s everywhere; you’re sitting on it. Carbon? It’s everywhere! All over the place. Calcium? Everywhere. Hydrogen? Abundant! All of these things that you are actually made out of, they are all over the place!

So, the composition is you—of the same exact stuff, the composition is, you-you-you-you, you-you-you, you.

I’m telling you, “Hey, know about being alive—know about being alive, because you’re the only one who can know about being alive whilst you are alive. Because it is a most beautiful thing that there is. And if you do know, you will enjoy being alive. You will be in peace.”

The “simple” word, in your vocabulary, actually denotes something inferior—“Ah, that’s too simple”—when it should be, “Wow! That is so simple. It’s elegant!” And just that would make it, not just a life, but something extraordinary.

Play on words: “Extra, ordinary”? Extraordinary. Because there’s nothing wrong in the ordinary, and there’s nothing wrong in the extraordinary—because that dirt that you don’t like so much is what you’re made out of.

– Prem Rawat