Ron Geaves

Jun 29, 2022

Ron Geaves

“I remember a lot of ‘will he, won’t he’, ‘should he, shouldn’t he’ as the possibility of Prem speaking at Glastonbury Fair became a real prospect.

“He had arrived in London in June 1971 and was only 13. Glastonbury was not on his schedule of events. There were those who spoke of drugs, sex and chaos and advised against going. Others told of prophesies and the spiritual significance of the place and time, urging him to go. He remained free from all the speculation. His only concern was would people listen to him.

“In the meantime, the pleading phone calls from Glastonbury increased. On the morning of June 21, he asked me if a car was available that day.

“Yes”, I said. “Carol’s Cortina is here.”

“In the afternoon, he was ready to go.

“Where to?” I asked.

“Glastonbury,” he replied.

“I remember rain, skidding and people pushing the car up the hill to the Pyramid Stage. It was all chaotic. Then he was on the stage speaking to the crowd. I stood next to him and looked over the expectant hushed audience.

“He kept it short and concise. On the way back, we stopped for a tea. He said, ‘Be ready, hundreds will come after this event.’ And they did. In my memories, Glastonbury Fayre, June 21, 1971 will always be a significant milestone in a lifetime Prem Rawat has committed to peace.”     

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