Prosperity on the inside

Do you know what today is to you? It’s the day that goes by too quickly—right?

People say, “I don’t have enough time during the day.” It’s not that you have enough time or not—because the days are exactly the same. It’s your wants, your wishes; they keep multiplying, multiplying, multiplying….

It is what takes you to the shop, “I want to see the dresses. Oh, yes, this blue one would look perfect.” You buy the blue one. By the time you get home, “I wish I would have bought the red one.”

How many of you have closets that are overfilled? Why? (Oh, me too, believe me.) But, yes! All these, all these, all these keep rotating and rotating, and the desires keep going: “The days get shorter.” Not the days get shorter; the desires get longer.

And all you have to do is then remember that which is important, that which will produce gratitude—not confusion and anger and fear and doubt—but gratitude, because a heart filled with gratitude will dance. And as a consequence, peace will reign in your kingdom. The drought will be gone, and prosperity will come.

There’s prosperity on the outside, and there’s prosperity on the inside. A person who prospers on the outside but not on the inside, that’s a house that’s going to fall one day. (Physics!) Termites, they eat the inside; then that house falls.

But when there is prosperity on the inside, then there will be prosperity on the outside. And when there’s prosperity on the inside and the outside, everything goes fine. Everything goes fine.

This is not about sacrifice. This is about discovery. This is not about confusion; this is about clarity. This is not about believing; this is about knowing—because that is the only way that peace will ever come to you—ever.

– Prem Rawat