Practical peace

There are many people who talk theory. This is okay; theory is okay. I talk practical. My challenge is to go around the world and tell people of this world—not on the moon, not on Mars, but of this earth—that peace is possible.

I tell them, “The finest human achievement of mankind will not be the rockets, will not be the space exploration. But the finest achievement of mankind will be peace.” I cannot talk theory.

Because, do you know how many people there are in this world who look at me and say, “You’re crazy. There will never be peace. Never be peace.” And I say, “No. There will be peace.” Why?

(Ha-hah.) For war, you have to do something. You have to prepare. You have to get ready. You have to have weapons. You have to have training. You have to have uniforms. You have to have discipline. You have to have tanks. You have to have cars. You have to have planes. You have to have ships. You have to have submarines.

For peace, you don’t need anything. Nothing! Nothing! Not even a flower. Nothing. Because peace is a light that is already lit inside of you.

So, tonight I’ve been talking about the human potential; I’ve been talking, “The peace is in you,” “What you are looking for is in you.” You must be going, “Well, if this is true, how come I don’t know it?!”

Okay. (See, I told you I’m not about theories; I’m practical.) With your two eyes, you see the world, right? Right? You can see everybody’s face with these two eyes, right? Except for yours. You can’t see yours.

For these eyes to see your face, you require a mirror. Not a theory. It’s practical. And the day you begin to understand—as simple as that—you are on your way to peace.

– Prem Rawat