One Thing at a Time

Prem Rawat:

Let me tell you something. Okay? Now, don’t get carried away with this. It’s really simple. Try it, okay, just try it. If it works for you, great. It’s very simple. And it’s a challenge, and I am challenging you. Not you challenge me; I’m challenging you: “Try this. Try this, okay? Do only one thing at a time.”

You think you could do that? One thing at a time. So, when you’re asleep, and you start thinking, stop. Either think or sleep; don’t do both. Can you do one thing at a time? When you sit down for your practice, (hah-hah), practice! Don’t think; practice! Can you do that? It’s really simple; just do one thing at a time.

You know, and do two things at a time, that would be a challenge. Right? I mean, that’s like, “Wow, two things at a time!” No, just do one thing at a time. I’m simplifying. That’s my challenge: “Simplify. Just do one thing at a time.”

When you want to love your lover, shut up! Just love. Don’t talk; love. When your child or your grandchild wants to say something to you, listen; shut up; listen. And when you’re listening, don’t start thinking about what you’re going to say; just listen.

If you are a doctor, listen to your patient. Don’t diagnose them — not yet. Listen to your patient. If you are a father, listen to your son. If you are a husband, listen to your wife. In this world of “do one thing at a time,” you can do anything you want, but just do it one thing at a time.

When you sit down to eat? Eat! Don’t talk. Don’t try to have a conversation. Eat. You will enjoy your food a lot better. When the time comes to sleep, sleep; don’t think! You will enjoy your sleep a lot better. When you’re using the bathroom, use the bathroom!

So, I challenge you: “One thing at a time.” A Paris exclusive: “One thing at a time.” What can you expect? Just enjoying everything you do. Just enjoy. And when you enjoy, that is magnificent. To be in joy is magnificent. To be in peace is magnificent; to desire peace is magnificent. To seek clarity is magnificent. To have courage is magnificent.