One 2 One, No. 22 – Law of Nature

“This existence can be enjoyed. You are not void of joy. Joy is still in you.” Prem Rawat, May 7, 2021

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Prem Rawat:

All stories begin with “Once upon a time.” The story that I really want to tell you also begins like this, but there is a small difference—and the difference is, “Once upon this time there lives you.”

NO. 22

Prem Rawat:

There are a lot of things that are going on. But the most important thing, again, comes down to the fact that we are alive. And how important that is, that there is this opportunity. Why are we actually here? Why, why are we even alive? What is the purpose of being on the face of this earth?

In all this little earth, we exist. We exist, bound by these rules. Nothing is outside these rules; everything has to function within these rules. And within these rules, there is the coming and going of this breath, the possibility of you being alive.

What is that? What is that? I hope you know what I’m talking about. Because there is a reality. There is that law that “you come, and one day you go.” And the day you go, you go. You know, people go into their own imagination, “And this, and that, and that this is this way, and this is this way, and this is this way.”

But look at the reality. One day you’re born. One day you have to go. In between, you’re alive. But you don’t realize what that law is saying to you, the law that brought you here and the law that’s going to take you out one day: “You are alive. You exist.”

The law doesn’t dictate what happens. The law ultimately says, “You came, and one day you have to go.” And what do you do in the middle? It’s up to you.

I see people chasing all this stuff, all over the place. “But what is this; what is this; what is this; what is this; what is this?” Yeah, there’s a lot of stuff.

But what is that rule telling you? What is that rule for? Why am I here? (I’m here. Why am I here?) Why do I have the ability to think?

Yeah, there are people who are saying “No, don’t, no, no, don’t think.” But why do I have the ability to think?

Like I say, “The ability to think is God’s gift to you. And what you think about is your gift to yourself.” So, what do you think about? Do you think about all the things that will not happen? Or are you thinking about the things that are happening? That this breath is coming and going? And how beautiful that is that you are here, that you’re alive?

Are you afraid? Are you afraid of tomorrow? Are you afraid of today? Are you afraid of yesterday? So, there are people who are definitely afraid of yesterday. There are people who are afraid of today—most people are afraid of today. Because they have no acknowledgment of today. They don’t even understand what today is.

So, if you’re afraid of yesterday? You don’t know anything about today? And you’re also scared of tomorrow? And what kind of life have you got? It’s got to be miserable. You only exist in today and you have no knowledge of today.

This is why it’s so important to know the self, to have the knowledge of the self, to understand what that is. And it is really understanding that law, and you are here. And it is about this breath coming in. And it is about understanding the importance of what you have.

Your relationships. To be kind becomes so important. To be in love becomes so important. Then to love—to love like you have never loved before. Not just playing with it, but to love like you have never loved before. That’s your ability. And to use that ability.

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