Make It Count

Prem Rawat:

You know, to me, it’s very much like you come on a stage. So, there is a door, and you walk through the door and you find yourself on a stage. And maybe you have to take a few steps to actually get onto the stage. And then you look around and you go, “Hmm, what am I doing on this stage?”

And there are people in this world who go, “Oh, there’s going to be a show! So, I will wait for the show to start.” They don’t understand — they are the show. They are the show. Not somebody else that’s going to come and dance on that stage; you begin your dance. It’s you! And then one day, you have to walk off that stage.

So, that’s, to me, you know, this is what it is! I am not obsessed by death, by the way. Whether it is 36,500, whether it is 25,550, (that’s if you live to be about seventy-five), what matters? Because you don’t have to make an appointment. It’s going to happen.

So it’s like, if you missed the appointment, (hah-hah-hah), you would live a few extra days; no, it’s not going to happen like that. (That would be nice. But it’s not going to happen like that.) So, what you’ve got to do is make every day that you are alive, you have to make it count. It has to mean something to you.

And you have to choose to make that day mean something. Rather than be the victim of everything else, you have to choose; you have to become proactive in your life.

So, what I’m saying is you are not. You are proactive in your job. You’re proactive in your relationships. But you are not proactive in your life. And you should be proactive in your life.

Should you be proactive with your relationships, yeah, of course. Where did I say you shouldn’t? Why do you assume that? People already assume! “You’re not being practical.” When did I say you shouldn’t have a job? Did I say that? No. Have a job. But people automatically assume, “He’s talking about peace so he doesn’t like a job.”

The question is, (the more interesting question is), “In the middle of my job, can I have peace?” And the answer to that is “yes.” That’s what we were talking about, but it’s not one way or the other way. Can there be peace in your life, in the midst of your job and your responsibilities? Why not? Peace happens on the inside; job happens on the outside.

The day the job happens on the inside and the peace happens on the outside, you’ve got a problem. And I would have nothing to say. But I know peace happens on the inside, and job happens on the outside; it’s perfectly compatible.