LOCKDOWN with Prem Rawat

In the midst of the rising chorus of anxiety, distress and uncertainty around the coronavirus pandemic, one voice offers a message of hope and clarity for these trying times. Prem Rawat shares a daily, personal, direct-to-camera message in “Lockdown,” a series which began on March 21st, 2020.

Hundreds of thousands of people, who are all under strict stay at home and social distancing orders, have welcomed the Lockdown series into their homes. It is published in English, Spanish, French and Italian, and is being translated into more languages every day.

He addresses the topics of the day with clarity, common sense and humor, often using stories to illustrate the point he is making. He has taken the time to respond to the comments and questions people have sent him.

In response to the deluge of controversial information and advice being published, on Day 12 he interviewed a medical doctor who provided some clear, practical information on what the virus is and how we can best protect ourselves.

Prem addresses the importance of taking this time to get to know ourselves better, and coming together as human beings. He recommends that we reflect on the strengths and qualities we carry within, such as joy, clarity, and serenity. In acknowledging the challenge of having to spend so much time in each other’s company, Prem urges us to appreciate each other and offer each other some space, respect, empathy and understanding.

The Lockdown Series is an update for the heart and a daily opportunity to reflect and learn, to know ourselves, and get in touch with the appreciation we have for the fundamental gift of life.

Watch or listen to the entire Lockdown series here.