Lockdown with Prem Rawat – Day 92

“It’s not an accident. Millions and millions of years were in the making for you to be alive today.” —Prem Rawat

Prem Rawat’s daily “Lockdown” videos highlight his talks and how his Peace Education Program helps people discover personal peace.

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The Unchangeable

Long Beach, USA

Prem Rawat:

The message about peace is such a beautiful message. Because the message isn’t, “Oh, you have to do this to get peace. Oh, we have to do this to get peace,” but the message is, “Peace is inside of you.” How incredibly simple is that message?

Every single day, to awaken to the possibility of being fulfilled, not by things from the outside, but by the very elements that are embedded in every single human being—and therefore it doesn’t matter who you are, where you are, what your circumstances are—you can be fulfilled.

And fulfilled! We live in a world that’s very different, believe me. The other day, (actually it was not just the other day; it was a few months back), I was reading—I came across this idea: “What is the definition of happiness?” So I started researching it—and I come to a United Nations page.

Very interesting. “Happiness” is defined. (I would have thought happiness is subjective—just, you know, from experience.) You can be happy when everything is going wrong—everything, everything is going wrong, everything is going wrong—and you can be happy. And everything is going right—and you’re ticked off.

But no. They defined it as “You have shelter; you have food; you have access to water. You have healthcare—and then you’re happy.”

And I said, “Wait a minute. This sounds like ‘prosperity.’ This should not be called ‘happiness’—this should be called, ‘How to be prosperous.’ To be prosperous, you need a future; you need a shelter; you need healthcare; you need food; you need what….”

So, they’ve got—and I know they’re intelligent people. So, who am I to tell them, “Hey, you misspelled ‘happiness.’ That should be prosperity, not happiness.” Happiness doesn’t require anything. Just you. Just your being. Just you in touch with you.

But our fundamental belief is we are incomplete. Not our fault. This is what is drilled into our heads. This is not information we came up with; this is the information we have been given by people, which we simply have accepted without ever questioning it.

And this is what we need to question: “Why am I incomplete?” I have thirst. I need water—I’m seventy percent water; I need water. I happen to be living in a planet where there is water.

Can you imagine being a human being—goes through the process of evolution—and ends up wanting, requiring, needing something, and it’s missing? You think the evolution would have allowed you—if you needed water and there was no water, you think you would have evolved? Absolutely not! Absolutely not.

You need oxygen—and there is oxygen. You think you would have been allowed to evolve? No. Absolutely not. But you are here—and all that you need is here with you too. But you need to look at it; you need to feel it.

This is what blows people’s minds. When I say—and I’m not talking about some fanciful peace. I’m talking about real peace, some peace that you can feel in your life. “Huuh? Ah-what?! There is a peace that you can actually feel in your life?”

So, you’ve heard the word “harmony” before, right? Now, here is the practical proof of what harmony actually means to us—we find it not objectionable. The same way as the harmony, there are feelings inside of us—feelings—that we do not find objectionable.

Then there are feelings inside of us that we do find objectionable. And anger—because it’s sugar-coated…. (And that’s why we go for it). Just, we know we don’t like anger. We know that—but because of the sugar-coating, we don’t realize “This is a bitter pill I’m about to swallow”—till you have swallowed it.

The same way in our lives, we see something—there’s no difference. (Eyes see the way they see—the same.) We see something beautiful and we like it; we see something ugly, we don’t like it.

Where am I going with this? There is a feeling inside of you that your heart finds not objectionable—finds it very nice, very harmonious. And this feeling is called “peace.” This feeling is called “clarity.” This feeling is the light. The light.

When you hear the word “light,” it does not refer to that. It refers…. (Not that light; that’s a filament burning; there are no filaments inside of you.) The light that removes the darkness—what is the darkness? The darkness is all that that you find objectionable. It is in that context that your light is. (I know you have never heard that one before.)

Because whenever you hear about light, you see Jacob’s ladder. You know what a Jacob’s ladder is, right? Those beams of light coming from a cloud—and it’s like, “Ta-dah, light!”

No. For that light—that kind of light to be inside of you, it would require fusion of some kind—burning, electricity—fire, fusion. And do you really want fusion?!

But it acts just like a light—because it removes the ambiguity; it removes the darkness. The darkness? Not the “not-seeable darkness” but the darkness that does not allow you to be in that place where you want to be. The chasm.

So bring, in your life that light where you can be in the harmony with your own being! That’s the gist of it.

You were born. You are alive, and one day you have to die. Nobody wants to talk about that—neither me. It’s pointless. It’s an appointment already made; it’s a sealed deal. But today is a sealed deal too.

I was in the millions and millions of years in the making, for me to be alive today. It’s not just any accident. Millions and millions of years in the making for you to be alive today—for you, you! I mean, I mean, you! I mean you! As that person….

So the question is, why is anybody suffering on the face of this earth? Food is not the issue; water is not the issue. Why? Because it ultimately comes down to us not understanding ourselves.

When Socrates says, “Know thyself”—man, that is a loaded statement; there is more to that statement than you can ever imagine. Because the consequence of not knowing yourself is being at the verge of utter destruction—and definitely, definitely misery. Nobody feels safe anymore. What price to pay? What price to pay?

I mean, here we are. Recognize what life truly means. Life is this well that is inside of you. Open up to the possibility of being fulfilled. Because when you find out who you are, you will realize—you will truly realize that it’s way beyond any expectation you ever had of yourself.

Now is the time to embrace what you have been given in this magnificent moment that you have—and it is a moment. It is a moment. You think this earth is going to be around? No. It’ll be gone; one day all traces of human beings will disappear.

This is nothing new; this is not a catastrophe to the universe. This is normal—and this is what happens. Entire suns, entire galaxies, entire stars are just, pbbt-pbbbbt, gone.

Two black holes collided billions of years ago when earth was not even around—and they sent a wave, a gravitational wave throughout the universe. Last September 2015, that wave manifested itself on planet Earth. It started—the whole thing started when the earth wasn’t even there.

This is huge. You are on just a little speck—truly a little speck on a fairly calm neighborhood of the galaxy of this universe. And one little rock can decimate (flying around) what happens here. This is how fragile you are. And on this planet, there’s life—life.

Time has truly come to awaken and to take cognizance of what is going on here—and to bring peace. It has always been said, you know, “There’s going to be somebody who’s going to be a messiah or prophet who’s going to bring peace.” Who said that? Who? Who?! Who? Who? See, you don’t even know the guy’s name.

Because nobody actually said it. It’s like a telephone. You know, when somebody says one thing to you in your one ear, and you say something else, and you say something else, and you say—nobody knows.

No. There’s a messiah in each one of you; there’s a prophet in each one of you. Establish peace now. The time has come. Not some fantasy, not some great idea—but for the reality, for the practicality of it—because we can’t go on like this. It’s not going to work. It’s not going to work. It’s non-sustainable; it’s not reversible.

And so, peace begins, of course, with each one of you. Don’t give up hope. Move forward—move forward; find your strength. You have it.

You know, this is what happens when you lean on something and that thing is removed—you’re bound to fall. Don’t lean. Stand on your own feet. And then, whatever happens, happens. People will come and go. Everything moves; everything changes. But there is also an unchangeable “something” that is residing inside of you.