Lockdown with Prem Rawat – Day 91

“Let the river of peace run through you. Don’t fight it. Let it run, be who you are, and enjoy!” —Prem Rawat

Prem Rawat’s daily “Lockdown” videos highlight his talks and how his Peace Education Program helps people discover personal peace.

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Treasures Within

Barcelona, Spain

Prem Rawat:

We are here to try to understand something—because life is not a static thing. And what’s happening in your life matters to you. And it’s your life, your existence.

And of all the things that happen and will happen in your life, (all the dramas and all the traumas), there will always be one possibility that will remain—and that possibility is that you can be in peace, that you can have that joy, that you can feel this incredible gift called “life.”

Because here I am. I’m alive—and the way I explain it, that there are two walls. And there’s a wall. I went through that wall—I don’t know where I was, but I went through that wall—and now I am between the two walls. And between the two walls, I’m marching.

There’s nothing I can do about it; there’s no pause button; there is no stop button. There isn’t even a rheostat that says, “Slow down.”

It’s just marching at a rate—and it’s marching, and it’s marching, and I know where it’s going. I know exactly where it’s going. And it’s not going left or right or up or down; it’s going from wall A, (or I should call it “wall B”)—to “wall D!”

To me, it’s very straightforward—there is a power that runs through this entire universe—that was there before, is, and will be. It’s absolute; it permeates everything. And that power has allowed this thing called “nature,” (heard of that? It’s called “nature”), to exist. And all things that we see, touch, hear, smell—feel—are compliments of nature.

So, some people call that power “God.” Some people call that power, not God. What difference does it make? What, I mean, what difference does it make?

I’m just talking about an audit of life. Since you are going from this wall to that wall—we’ve already established that, right? And it’s afoot, right? And you’re all alive, right? Wouldn’t it be nice to know—and take an audit of what you’ve got? “Where are you at?” So, what do you got? What have you got?

You have your pain and you have your suffering, right? You have some bad memories too, don’t you? Oh, by the way, here’s another one. Sometimes it feels like you’re a pressure cooker, right? (You know what a pressure cooker is, right?) “Powkhkhkhkh…!” And sometimes it feels like this pressure cooker isn’t just a pressure cooker—it’s going to blow. Like, “Pouchkhkhouw!”

And you always think it’s the big things in life, the big hurdles that must be really making this pressure cooker go. But it’s not. It’s the little things. Just pay attention to those little things. Start looking around, “So, what, what in the world are these things? What is this load that I am carrying? What is, what is this pressure that I create for myself?”

And this is what we were talking about: the audit. So, where are you? Now, let’s see what you have. You have in you an ocean of joy—immense, immense, endless, endless joy.

You have in you, endless tranquility. You have in you, endless peace. You have in you, lake after lake after lake of serenity. You have in you the most profound wisdom. Indeed, you have in you the most exquisite lit burning lamp—that holds in it the power to remove any darkness.

You have in you the might and the strength (not through your muscles, but through your wisdom) that is capable of single-handedly winning the greatest war that you will ever fight. Single-handedly, you have the capacity—this is how much strength you have—you have the capacity to win, unquestionably, win the war over ignorance.

So…. Now, we’re back to audit time—I want to ask you a question. And my question to you is this: “How much of all that beautiful stuff I just talked about is reflected in your life in every single day in every single moment?” Or if somebody preemptively takes up your parking space, do you go bonkers?

A person with such a might—that holds in them the promise to be able to conquer ignorance—loses their cool because somebody stole their parking space? Because your dog ran away? Because your husband said, “I don’t like you anymore”? Your wife said, “Goodbye. I found something better”?

(No, I mean, just, just, just asking…. That’s the point of the audit, right? You’ve got to ask some questions here. Just asking.)

So, time for audit again. For the human being that has this ocean, this ocean of peace, how much of that ocean is reflected in your existence? For this human being who, in them, has these, lake after lake of serenity, how much of that serenity is actually accounted for in your life?

This strength that you have to win the war…. Everybody, every human being on the face of this earth is born with that exceptional strength—no imagination here; just pure, simple—that special strength needed to overcome ignorance in your life, (not somebody else’s life, in your life), how much of that is accounted for in your existence?

And all I’m saying is, “Can you include these things you already have?” That’s all you have to do—you have to just include them in your life, every day. “Serenity? Cct, come on over. Peace? This-a-way. Here we go! Joy? Ah, yup, come on. Let’s go.” That’s all. Just have to include it. Like, “Whoa.”

You know, a lot of people say—they come to an event like this, and they go, “What—you didn’t give us anything.” And I want to tell you something. What I give you when you come to my event is priceless. I give you a new way of thinking—a new way of thinking that can change the rest of your life. That’s what I give you.

The good news is that that power, that beauty, that joy, that peace, all of these things are the witnesses to that power being in you. And so far it is, you are between the walls…. And when you go through that wall, that won’t be the case.

And so whilst you are in between these walls, you have a mission to accomplish. Each one of you on the face of this earth, you have a mission to accomplish—and the mission you need to accomplish is to flood your life with joy, is to flood your life with the peace.

It’s time, isn’t it?—to take that audit and say, “Well, enough is enough! Good God, it has—all this junk I’ve been carrying all my life, it hasn’t helped me. So, now is a good time….” Because anytime is a good time, (so far you haven’t hit that wall). Even if you are one-one-millionth of an inch, centimeter, millimeter away from that wall, it’s still a good time; you haven’t hit it.

And then, once you’ve hit it—I mean, but forget about this “old and young” stuff—really do; it’s okay. Your heart is timeless. Be a part of that timeless heart. That space in which there is that serenity, that space in which there is that peace, in that space where there is that joy, the boundless space that exists inside of you, that is timeless. More you use it, it will not go down.

So, take an audit—and whatever you see in your audit…. You have to perform the audit; I’m not going to make the audit; you have to make the audit of your life, and whatever you’re missing, dig in and get it—before you hit that wall.

Because that’s the day you will begin to live. That is the day you will actually, really begin to live. Not in this molasses, not in this goo of ideas and imagination—I mean, and don’t, don’t get me wrong; I’m not, I’m not saying imagination is bad. We all need imagination; that’s really good!

In this life, in this existence, one, you have everything you need. Two, it’s within you. Three, it’s yours. Four, all you have to do—is without any fear of failure, let the river of peace run through you. That’s all. That’s all. Don’t fight with it; let it run; be who you are—and enjoy.

In one way, we’re all strangers going on this ocean, this voyage, this voyage that has something to do with time, something to do with those six elements of oxygen and carbon and nitrogen and all of that stuff. Here we are, something to do with millions of years of evolution, something to do with all of that.

But at the end of the day, here you are. And you have to look at what’s possible now. Not the journey of imagination, but the journey of experience, to have made it possible to have peace in your life—the greatest achievement. The greatest, the greatest achievement a human being can achieve.

You will get the ultimate recognition for it. The award is peace. The award is joy, your joy, your peace, your life fulfilled.