Lockdown with Prem Rawat – Day 11

“You are no stranger to challenges. Take on this challenge. Even in the midst of this incredible darkness, find your light, your joy, your hope, your understanding, your clarity, your heart. And be! Not only be, but thrive! Feel good.” — Prem Rawat


Prem Rawat:

Hello, everyone. I hope everyone is well, doing well. And what I want to talk about today is about feeling hope, feeling good.

Because that’s something you can do. You don’t have to feel victimized by this; you don’t have to feel like “Oh my God, you know, this is the most horrible thing”—even though it is! It is the most horrible thing.

But you don’t have to be victimized by it. You can understand that you are the source of your own treasure. And you have a tremendous amount of treasure in you. You have hope in you; you have clarity in you; you have understanding in you. And these are the things you have to dig up now—for real. I mean, what other option do you have?

So, something has to happen; something like reality has to hit. I mean, here it is! You know, so what are you going to do? Things are not looking that good. You know, we’re almost, not quite—you know, we’re at the 800,000-plus mark, very rapidly approaching a million people.

And a huge death rate—not that bad, but still, one is too many, in my opinion. And there’s a lot of bad news out there, “Oh, this is terrible; that’s terrible and everything….” And yeah, there is—you know, we rely so much on world leaders to see us out of these pickles and these….

And some of the, some leaders are good, no question about it. But some leaders are out to lunch and they have not come back and they’re not coming back anytime soon. Because everything they do, they’re just more confused and more confused—I mean, truly, there’s no leadership in some places.

So, what happens next? You know, you have to stay isolated; the situation is not that good. “Where is the money going to come from? Where is the job security going to come from? Where are all these things going to come from?” Well, good questions. Truly, truly good questions.

And what can I do? I can’t open up a factory somewhere and try to offer jobs to people—I wish I could. So, what do I do; what can I do? Well, maybe I can help you tap into a source of hope, a source of clarity, a source of understanding, a source of the light that is in you.

So, not that it’s going to answer all your questions. But you, as a human being, will be far more fulfilled, better prepared to move forward, better prepared to take on this coronavirus, better prepared, in fact, to take on whatever might come your way.

And that would be a wonderful thing. That would be a wonderful thing. Because in life, bad things do happen. Things that are not wanted, things that we don’t like, they do happen. And when they do happen, you know, we get stumped, where it’s like, “Oh my God, now what’s going to happen?”

And that’s the obvious question, “Now what’s going to happen? I’m ruined; I’m destroyed; I’m this; I’m that.” And we can—it’s so easy for us to take on the negative side of things. And maybe we say, “Well, but that’s the reality.”

But there is another reality. And I would like to point out that reality to you. Under this dismal situation, under this incredible darkness, what you really need is a beacon, is a light. And there is one. And that’s the good news; there is one.

And that beacon, that light is in you. You are the source. You are that angel that has come, that can save—you, you! You are that beacon that you’re looking for, that little hope, that little knowing, “Okay, there, there, there it is.”

And, you know, when you go out in the ocean, when you can see the land it’s a whole different feeling; it’s a whole different feeling—you can see the land. You know exactly where you are: “Okay, there is that. And if something happens, that’s the way we’ll end up with; that’s the way we’ll go.”

But then when you get out further—no land—and all you see is water, water, water, water everywhere. Water, water, water everywhere. And it all looks the same! Of course, it all looks the same. “So, where are we going?”

Well, at that moment, there is something that you have to look at. And if you don’t have anything fancy or something like that, but if you have a compass—because that compass is always pointing to that magnetic north.

What is that magnetic north? That is telling you, “There, the north is that way. And if your course is east (090), then steer 090 and you will go east—180 and you’ll go south, 270 and you’ll go west. You want to go north? No problem; follow the compass.”

Do you have a compass? Yes, you do. You have a compass within you. Not here. But here—the compass that always points to what the reality truly is. The reality? The reality is “You are alive.” The reality is “You exist.”

And so far you exist, you have incredible hope. You can accomplish anything you want! Anything that is not favorable to you, you can change it. This is the possibility.

And one of the examples I give—things didn’t go very well for Ram. You know, a few thousand years ago—and things did not go well for him. He, the day—and you’ve already heard the story—the day he was supposed to be christened the king, he was instead told, “No, you’re not going to be crowned the king—but you have to go and be exiled for fourteen years.”

He’d recently just gotten married—and he said to his wife; he says, “Well, okay, I won’t see you for fourteen years.” And she said, “No way. I’m coming with you.” Looked at his brother and his younger brother, he said, “Well, I’m coming with you too.”

So, that’s bad enough, right? So, you’re not going to be king and you’ve got to go out into the jungle for fourteen years…. Okay, now you don’t have any technology. You’ve got to go out in this jungle; where are you going? No, to no particular place. Just wandering around, finding food, literally, just from the trees, bushes—berries, fruits, vegetables, whatever he can get hold of. You’re in exile!

Does it get worse? Well, of course it gets worse. Well, what happens? Well, what happens is, in the midst of all this, Sita gets stolen, kidnapped by Ravan and gets taken to Lanka. Now, Ram doesn’t even know where he’s taken her.

So, finally he meets some people who say, “Okay, you know, she’s in Lanka; this is where Ravan has taken her, so why don’t you go there?” So he goes.

And you think that’s bad enough? No! Now, what’s he going to do? This king, Ravan, the king of Lanka, he is mighty; he’s powerful! How is he going to take him on? He’s got an army; Ram doesn’t have an army.

Ram doesn’t have an army; Ravan has a huge army. And not only that; the army, Ravan’s army is made up of monsters! And so, how is Ram going to even take this challenge on?

So, things get worse and worse and worse and worse and worse, but Ram doesn’t lose that hope. He doesn’t succumb to it. He keeps his head above the water—and he finally gets an army together.

And he—don’t start laughing but it is hilarious—the army that Ram gets together is made of monkeys and bears. (Oh my.) And they don’t have the technology to make a bridge, so they take rocks—and they get them to float so that they can walk across the barrier to Lanka, to this island.

Never losing hope becomes so important—and there is no reason to lose hope; that’s why you need that compass, the compass that’s always pointing to that one direction, saying, “There it is! There it is; there is your beacon; there is your light; there is; there it is.” And you don’t need to lose. You don’t need to succumb; you don’t need to give in to all of this negativity.

You know, and a lot of times, you know, we come across all that negativity, “Oh, this is a problem; that’s a problem,” people start to get scared. And now you realize that, you know, social media is no help, no help whatsoever for this. And you have to make those decisions; you have to figure out what is fake, what is real.

And I’m not here to tell you about the bad; I’m here to tell you about the good—always, to tell you that there is that possibility in your life that you can be fulfilled. There is the possibility in your life that you can go forward.

Always, always, so far this breath is in you, keep moving forward. How incredible is that? How amazing is that, that even in this time of where you would lose all hope….

And a lot of people, I’m sure, are sitting there going, “Oh my God, you know, this is the biggest fiasco that ever hit.” Maybe it is the biggest fiasco. That just means, that much more, you have to push.

And talking about pushing, you know—you realize what you went through when you were born? Do you have any idea what you went through when you were born?

And somebody told me, it’s like a rocket taking off, a huge rocket taking off; that much energy has to be put forth—you, the baby puts forth to get out of the mother’s womb.

The transition that you have to make—literally, what maybe took millions of years, to go from totally being submerged in water to oxygen, has to happen in a matter of a few hours.

And the stakes are incredibly high. The stakes are incredibly high. And everything is against you. In a way, everything is against you; you are fragile; you’re weak; you have never been in this world before.

And talk about unknown; you’re stepping—are you stepping into a total unknown? Absolutely. You have no idea. Your brain isn’t working yet, not the way it should be, where you can make decisions and so on and so forth. It’s just a feeling and you go for it.

And it takes this incredible amount of energy. And you come out. And from having all that water and surviving on the mother, from the mother, from that, through that umbilical cord, you have to now do everything yourself. You have to now breathe for yourself.

So, the reason why I’m telling you this? You are no stranger to challenges. You are no stranger to challenges. And take on this challenge—and even in the midst of this incredible darkness, find your light. Find your joy; find your hope, find your understanding; find your clarity; find your heart.

And exist—and be! And not only be, but thrive! Feel good! Be. And be thankful. Three things—“Know yourself, live your life consciously—and have a heart full of gratitude.” Don’t forget those. Don’t forget those. That’s very, very important.

Know who you are—why? So that you know that these treasures are within you. That’ll give you more power; that will empower you more to move forward. That’s what you need to do.

You know, instead of going stir-crazy, like, “Oh my God, you know, where am I going to go…?” And the mind comes in and it’s like, “Oh, yeah, I want to go there; I want to go there; I want to go there; I want to go there; I want to go there.”

Hey, you are the creator of your circumstances. Either you create a heaven for yourself—or you can create a hell for yourself. It’s up to you. My recommendation? Create a heaven for yourself. Whilst you’re at it, create a heaven for yourself. Enjoy! Enjoy yourself, enjoy being! Enjoy existence.

Give it a thought; give it a thought—the earth is just cruising at thousands and thousands of miles an hour and there you are, totally protected. All is well.

Be. Understand. This breath is coming in you—your power, the mightiest of all things.

So, I hope you have a great day—a wonderful day. Be; be safe; be healthy; be well. And most importantly, be.

I’ll see you again. Thank you.