Life is on your side

You want to succeed in your life? One of the events that I did in Taiwan was at the Dong Hwa University of Hualien. And it was all these students. They were there, and then they asked me questions.

And one of the questions was, you know, “How do I do this?” And here is the trick. If you want to be successful, it’s easy. But you have to focus, focus, focus. And this is how you focus. When you’re with your family, don’ t think of the business. Just focus on your family, even if it’s for five minutes.

You want to change your whole life? Make heaven for someone, just for five seconds. Just five-second heaven. Start with your wife. Five seconds. Start with five seconds. Five seconds, just listen. You don’ t have to say, “Bla-bla-bla-bla-bla.” You don’ t have to say. Just listen. That’ s why the creator did not put mouth where the ears are. Separated them…put the ears here; put the mouth here.

So, shut this; open these. Five second. Five seconds. Not long. You have children? Listen. Focus, five seconds—just five seconds. Not “Arghrrrrr!” But just… five seconds! Make a heaven for someone in your life—start with five seconds. And maybe they will return the favor to you. And you will have a five-second heaven.

And then, whenever you want that heaven for yourself, five seconds to remember, “You are alive.” Maybe everything is going against you. Right? This is what it feels like, right? Everything is going against you, except for one.

Your life is not going against you. The blessing which life is, is still being conferred upon you. That hand is still on your head. Five-second heaven: “Wow!”

“Even in the darkest hour, I will not abandon you.” This is what Krishna says, “Even in your darkest hour, I will not abandon you.” Well, luckily, fortunately or unfortunately, we have managed to create the dark hour twenty-four hours. And even then, it is not being abandoned.

But do you understand that? Do you understand that? I know that every human being wants to succeed. But you can only succeed at that where there is the possibility of success. You cannot succeed where there is no possibility of success.

Where is the possibility of success? You want to succeed in this world? There is no possibility of success. But finding the peace in your heart, and having that fulfillment in yourself is completely possible.
– Prem Rawat