Life audit

The amount of joy you have is boundless! This gift of breath that you have is relentless! And what is possible is beyond imagination. But do you fundamentally take and understand that or not?

Do an audit in your life sometime—all the things you go through, that go in your head, how many you know, because you know—and how many have been dumped into your head? It’ll drive you crazy! It’ll drive you absolutely crazy—you’ll be like, “Oh my God. Oh, oh my God! Oh my God.” You’ll be shocked.

So it’s just one series of misguided information on another, on another, on another, and another. And we actually have a word for it: “If it’s been said enough times it must be true!”

Then, my shoes are not black. And if thirty people say, “They are. They are. They are. They are. They are. They are,” do you think they’ll become black? But there are people who believe they will. Because “it doesn’t matter! This is what people have been saying, and so it must be true; it must be true”—even though it’s not.

So this is what it means to be aware, to be conscious, to say, “Wait, wait, wait, wait. Let me find this out. Let me feel this. Let me experience this.”

I say to you, “Peace is inside of you.” Do you agree with me? Do you agree with me because I’m saying it or because you have felt it? Clear as mud, huh? That’s it! That’s the point. Just because I am saying it…just because I am saying it doesn’t make it true. If you feel it, then it makes it true. That’s reality!

– Prem Rawat