Human wisdom

Human wisdom is about simplicity: If you are thirsty, drink water. If you’re tired, rest. If you’re confused, seek clarity! If you’re in the darkness, seek light. If you’re in sadness, seek joy. This is human wisdom! This is human wisdom. Does it work for dogs? They have their own! They have their own, and they absolutely stick to their wisdom.

They absolutely do. I have seen it. I have seen it.

Do crocodiles, alligators have their wisdom? Absolutely: “Lay low. Be incognito. Don’t let them see you coming, and attack when it’s too late.” Works for them every time.

They use their wisdom every single day. How do you use your wisdom? When you’re in darkness, look for light. Could anything be wiser than that? When you’re sad, look for joy. When you’re in joy, stay there.

That’s … that’s the wisdom!

When you feel empty, find your fulfillment. Because that’s in you too.