Enjoy this existence

More than enough food is produced to feed the whole world. Do you know that? Do you know that? The earth actually produces more than enough food to feed the whole world, every single person, comfortably! So why are people hungry? Greed. Greed. “Throw away food. Throw!” People throw away food.

Do you know what is also one of the largest contributors of methane gas to the atmosphere? Do you know? Food—that’s how much food is thrown away; it actually affects the atmosphere. They bury it, and it rots, and it produces methane, and it goes into the atmosphere.

There are solutions; there are solutions. But the solution begins with you first. When you are happy, then the happiness is contagious. That’s why you like being around people who are happy—because happiness is contagious! You don’t like being around people who are mad, angry, always crying, because it’s contagious too. Sadness is contagious. Joy is contagious.

Find the source of joy in you, and hopefully it will infect you. Infect you! And, enjoy this life. Enjoy this existence. Enjoy this being.

– Prem Rawat