How many times are you confused? How many times do you not understand? How many times do you ask yourself, “Why am I here?” How many times do you wonder, “What’s going to happen to me?”

How many times during the day, the sadness can overcome you—when you can choose happiness for every single moment?

That you can choose clarity for every single moment of your life.

That you can choose the strength because both are in you—how much? Exactly fifty-fifty. Exactly fifty, fifty, (not fifty-one or forty-nine) fifty, fifty.

How much confusion do you have in you? Exactly fifty percent. How much clarity do you have in you? Exzzzzzzactly fifty percent.

And you have to choose. You have to choose.

Have you heard about a sunflower? You know most plants—they need the sun; they need the light the photosynthesis—this is what works makes them alive.

So, the sunflower in its dramatic beginnings chose something. And you know what the sunflower chose? The sun. It will follow the sun from east to west—and at night, turn around and wait till it comes again, from east to west. This is what it chose!

“Sun flower.” Is this what you’ve chosen too? To follow that clarity?

Tomorrow, Monday will come. Responsibilities will come. I’m not here to tell you “don’t be responsible.” But I’m here to tell you, “Don’t be so irresponsible that you do not accept the responsibility that comes with being alive.”

– Prem Rawat