A worry-free room

Without peace, this world is going to come apart—there’s nothing, there’s no glue. When a human being starts to hate another human being, you know that it is the beginning of the end.

When one human being gives more reasons of why he does not want to see another human being on the face of this earth, the reasons become more important than the fundamental reality that you are a human being, that the other person is a human being. And eliminating that person is anti-life. It’s not good for life.

Gandhi said, “If everybody took an eye for an eye, the whole world would be blind.” And that’s exactly what’s happening today. The world’s going blind. The terror that is being struck….

When you go in a room, and it’s your house, or it’s your apartment, or it’s your room and you close that door and you sit down on your bed, you feel a certain sense of comfort—that, when you close that door, you shut the world out—and that you sit on that bed, and maybe you are alone, maybe you are with somebody, but there is a certain sense that you’re okay.

When that very sense is taken away from you, and you sit on that bed wondering if you’re going to wake up tomorrow, wondering if you’re going to be able to sleep tonight, then such a fundamental part of a human being has been taken away.

– Prem Rawat