A burden or a blessing

You know, today, if I got up here and said things that nobody could ever understand, believe me, I’d be much more popular. Actually, speaking very, very simply, people probably think, “Well, that was too simple! That’s it? That’s it?”

But to me, the topic of life is simple. What do you feel in your life? What…what is it like for you when you wake up in the morning? Do you feel gratitude or do you feel a burden of responsibilities? What do you feel?

Once there was a man—a young man—he was walking down the road. He was about to, you know—he had been educated; he was about to start on his journey of life. He saw an old man carrying a whole bunch of load on his back. He went up to the old man and he said, “Hey, old man, I’m starting off new; you have been around for a long time. Tell me, what is life like?”

And the old man stopped; took the bundle, put it down, stood up straight, and then he took the bundle, put it back on his shoulders and hunched over, and walked away.

Yeah! When you wake up in the morning, are you thankful for that day? When you wake up in the morning, do you feel like saying, “Today, I want to embrace today. This is the gift that I have; it will never be repeated.”

Do you know that? Today came and went. And what did you get of it? What did you capture? What did you keep of today? And tomorrow will come again. In this life, of all the things you do, one of the things you have to also do is be fulfilled.

– Prem Rawat