The Three Worlds

Prem Rawat:

Let me tell you the story of the human being – who, in the heart of their hearts, desires peace. The fact that you like peace, that you would even entertain the thought of having peace in your life, is magnificent.

I want to tell you something. There is your inner world – and then there is this world. But I’m going to tell you something. In between these two worlds, there is another world. And it’s the world you’re surrounded by.

In this world, you dictate what happens. Somebody can talk to you, but you don’t have to listen. Conveniently, “whiit,” gone. In this world, somebody can try to make you angry but it’s up to you if you actually get angry or not.

It’s a little world; it’s not huge. You carry it wherever you go. But it’s a beautiful world. Because the only way you can get into this world is if you’re conscious, if you’re sincere about life. And you are willing to embrace life itself over the problems of life.

Now, what I just said is a big statement. It’s huge. “To embrace life over the problems of life.”

It’s way beyond the expectations that you have of yourself. It is beyond your disappointments. It is not the sum of everything that’s wrong in your life. But it is about the possibility of what is right, what is good, what is beautiful. That’s it. Remember that.