You are alive! There is nothing more interesting than being alive. There is nothing more juicy than being alive! There is nothing more profound than being alive!

Because you are alive, all the potential, all the hope, all the clarity, all the light, all the understanding is available to you. When you are dead, this is not possible.

I mean, people get into this whole thing, “Nearly dead, near death.” Problem with death is, it’s absolute. There’s no, like, almost. Kkkhk, you’re done! No response. And one thing? You don’t come back. (That’s why it’s called “death.”)

Is it going to happen? Yes. Should you be concerned? No. What should you be concerned then with? How to extract the potential of every moment that you are alive. That should…that should be your biggest worry when you wake up in the morning. “Now, geez, I got twenty-four hours here. How do I make the most of today?”

This life is a gift. This life is a gift. And the confusion is, “Who gave it to me?” What? You want to know the address? You want your money back? I mean, well, what…well, why?

No! Here it is—here it is! Accept—or reject. Things don’t change. You can feel empty for the rest of your life, or you can feel full for the rest of your life; you choose. That’s what you get to do. You get to choose.

When the sun is shining and you close your eyes, do you think the sun just goes, “Wschooo! He doesn’t want to see. Whshoop!” No, sun just keeps shining. It has nothing to do with that. It is, “What…how, which direction are you looking at?”

So, the question to me was, “Why is it so alluring?” Because I know one thing: on one side of the coin is confusion and the other side of the coin is clarity. On one side of the coin is darkness and one side of the coin is light. On one side of the coin is the question; the other side of the coin is the answer.

I know that. Then why is it we keep choosing that side…that’s the doubt, that’s the confusion?

So, I finally got my answer. (I worked it out.) Confusion is sugar-coated. Clarity isn’t. Clarity doesn’t have to sugar-coat itself. It is what it is.

Truth does not sugar-coat. Lies are sugar-coated. So now, the question becomes (if you even minor-ly agree with me on this sugar-coating business), “Why are you addicted to sugar?”

And ultimately it comes down to the same thing—it feels good! It tastes great. But that’s what the truth does too! That’s what clarity does too—without the harmful effects of the sugar.

But have you made that space in your being, acquired the taste of clarity? Acquired the taste of understanding? Acquired the taste for being alive? Acquired the taste for seeing things how they are? Acquired the taste for being fulfilled?

– Prem Rawat