One 2 One, No. 20 – Sweet Reality

“The sweet reality is that I have been given a time to be on the face of this earth. And it’s a gift! I don’t know how it happened. I certainly didn’t push any buttons—but I’m here.” —Prem Rawat

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Prem Rawat:

All stories begin with “Once upon a time.” The story that I really want to tell you also begins like this, but there is a small difference—and the difference is, “Once upon this time there lives you.”


Once upon this time there lives You.

NO. 20

Prem Rawat:

Something very fundamentally is always changing. And little by little, this incredible amount of time that you had on this earth is being chiseled away. Now, this is not—I know this is not a pleasant topic to talk about. But it’s a realistic topic to talk about.

Because what is the reality? And sometimes when that word “reality” is said, it’s very confronting. It’s like “What do you mean—what, what reality? This is reality, isn’t it?” You exist every day like you’re going to live forever, but you’re not! So what, what exactly is that all about? So, what is reality, then?

And at first, it may be that, you know, you think about it or you look at it and it’s like, very confronting. But then when you start to just settle down, (yes, yeah, you’ve got to settle down)—and go “Wait a minute. Maybe that reality is very sweet; maybe that reality is very beautiful. Not abrupt and harsh as I take it to be.”

But it is a sweet reality that I have been given a time to be on the face of this earth. And it’s a gift! I don’t know how it happened. I didn’t—I certainly didn’t push any buttons—but I’m here. One day I will be gone.

And my focus isn’t about going. I know there are people who absolutely do not want to concentrate on one second of being alive. They want to concentrate on the departure: “Are we going to end up in heaven, or are we going to end up in hell?”

This amazing earth, we do not consider it to be a heaven. But I have heard no description of heaven, ever, that surpasses what this earth is. So, what have you experienced; what do you feel; what do you see? What is that joy like in your life when you love? What is that joy like in your existence when you feel that contentment?

Yeah, we pursue happiness. But we don’t understand the nature of happiness; it keeps changing. What made you happy two weeks ago isn’t what’s going to make you happy today. But contentment is different. Contentment is all about you being in that place where you feel that tranquility.

Can you afford in your life to slow down enough to feel what this existence is all about? Can you slow down enough in your life to feel what this breath is all about? Can you take your ambitions and focus them on wanting to feel, not happiness, but contentment?

Can you take this energy that you’re constantly putting towards the outside, into the world—and take that focus and put it on the inside? And be prepared to feel the simplicity, the simplicity of the entire universe as it permeates everything that is there.

Ask it. Ask the question. And if you do ask that question, you will find out that inside of you, within you is that pot that yearns to be filled. You can call it a pot; you can call it a heart. You can—you can call it “you,” for that matter. It’s sweet! It’s beautiful. And that’s the way the kindness of this universe is.

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