“प्रेम रावत के साथ जीवन की अनिवार्यताएँ” पॉडकास्ट श्रृंखला 3, एपिसोड 24 – जीवन के नीले और साफ़ पत्थर

नवम्बर 2, 2021

“Most of these moments, we don’t recognize their value—that they can be shaped into anything you want. And you can shape it as you desire; you want this moment to be a moment of angriness? You can shape it into that. You want this moment to be a beautiful moment? You can shape it into that.” Prem Rawat


During these precarious times, you can often feel fear tightening its grip around you. Sometimes you’re so accustomed to it, you grip fear because the familiar feels more falsely comforting than the unknown.

In this podcast, Prem Rawat compares life to a game of collecting and rejecting marbles—the blue ones analogous to problems, sadness, and doubt, the clear ones representing the good experiences. The art is capturing as many beautiful moments as possible.

If, at first, you manage to catch only one clear marble, have patience. It will expand to a crystal ball of clarity. You’ll be able to see that your future will be shaped by the choices you make here and now.

You’ll discover that the same problems that appear unique to you have plagued others for centuries. Your missteps come from listening to discordant notes, following Despair’s lead. You’ll know that you can free yourself from the macabre minuet you’ve been stuck in, and embrace the new partner gently tapping your shoulder, inviting you for a timeless dance with the Divine.

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