“प्रेम रावत के साथ जीवन की अनिवार्यताएँ” पॉडकास्ट श्रृंखला 2, एपिसोड 21 – एक की शक्ति

मार्च 22, 2021

Own the power of one.

Tune in while there’s still time.

Prem asks us to make the most of this time during this Corona crisis. Time is just as precious now as it ever was or ever will be. How can we make the most of this time for ourselves? One side consequence of this lockdown is that it has been spectacular for nature. The parks and creatures are taking over as the people are not there and they have time to themselves. Even in New Delhi the skies have cleared of pollution. It has been a boon for the environment. When we do the things we do in our daily lives and now take a break from it everything becomes quiet and still. Nature had a balanced ecosystem until humans, the insane drivers they are, took the wheel. Within our existence there is a really beautiful nature that wants to be and to come forth, but we have instead chosen the routines we think are important but are truly an obnoxious noise. When that noise is quieted, life becomes beautiful. It’s our interference that destroys and disrupts this beauty. Often we do these things without thinking about the consequences.

What are the consequences of not knowing ourselves? We are polluting the purity of what could and should be. Our nature gets twisted and when we are forced to change we get angry, anxious, and confused. It is important that we stay mentally and physically healthy so we can have clarity and a deeper understanding of knowing, joy, and fulfillment. We do not look and see how we have polluted ourselves on the inside and extended it into the world. We justify pollution by saying how we need these things, how they are important for us, but what is really important is to be in the clarity and purity of being a human being.

We live in a society which has made great progress, but has also developed ways to harm and hurt us. Prem tells the story of a thief and a king and teaches us about how society should function. Those who have more are responsible for those who have less. Each and every person is important and their decisions have consequences. There is power in one. The power of one should be clearly understood.

It shouldn’t require tragedy such as this pandemic to awaken and be responsible for our actions. There has always been something you can do in society. This is not the first time there has been a disease outbreak. They have happened all over the world. A worldwide epidemic has been a long time in the making and could have been avoided.

This is the ultimate proof that you are a human being and are fragile and there should be no amount of arrogance that shouldn’t allow you to see your fragility and humanity. This should be an awakening where the puzzle starts to fall in place so we can see the whole picture. These little awakenings are necessary for us to be fulfilled, and find joy and peace. As human beings we may not be able to accomplish all we want to accomplish, and our arrogance threatens to take our peace away. It is a choice to be made one by one, as individuals. Stand your ground, and hold on to your peace.

Instead of preparing for the future, humanity is fueled by greed and arrogance that will not take us anywhere. We are now at the mercy of this virus with all these resources being pushed to their breaking point. This is what we have now created, but there is a possibility to be fulfilled, understand humanity, live consciously and have a heart full of gratitude. Maybe that is the best possibility.

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