Chapter 1: Introduction

Welcome to PEAK, my new series about understanding and discovering practical peace that lies in your heart.

PEAK is an educational program to help you explore your own potential, to discover the self, to discover your own resources and discover the personal peace that lies in your heart.

PEAK consists of nine chapters covering topics from a new angle—to rethink, reconsider, and rediscover what you have always known.

Happiness, hope and peace are always available to every human being. They were within us—wherever we go, whatever we do, we carry these with us.

Once you have completed the series, there is an additional chapter. In this chapter, you can learn practical techniques to begin to connect with the peace that resides in your heart. The techniques of Knowledge allow you to take your focus from the outside, and take it to the inside, where, in your heart, you can feel and understand who you truly are.

– Prem Rawat