Welcome from Prem



Hello, my name is Prem Rawat, and welcome to my website, PremRawat.com. In this website I talk about peace, the possibility of peace in our lives—because for me, peace begins when you start with yourself. 

My message is for everybody—it doesn’t matter what age you are, what you do. The message is about being human; the message is about you being alive. This message is about your life, your existence—not your lifestyle, not what you do in your life, but about life itself. 

The extraordinary gift that we have been given, this needs to be understood, because the importance for us is that we are alive. That’s what this message is about, how to extract the most of every day, of every moment that you are alive. That should be the most important thing.

Feel free to explore the site, and I hope you really enjoy what you discover here.

- Prem Rawat