Welcome to 2023! A New Year with Prem Rawat



Prem Rawat:

Hello, everyone. First of all, I’d like to wish you a Happy New Year. And I would say that, you know, the New Year brings you prosperity, brings you peace, brings you joy. But before we jump off to the New Year, we should also spare a thought for all those things that have happened in 2022.

A lot of people lost a lot of things – and were buried, some of them were definitely buried in a lot of sadness. And it, yes, it is to the human endurance, the power that we still continue forward; we move forward; we go on.

In this year, 2022, some people experienced an immense amount of sadness. They lost their loved ones. And it’s easy enough to get excited about something and forget about all that. Maybe it didn’t happen to you – but it happened to other people, and I know that. Because I could read, through the mails that I was getting, what people were going through.

And this basically comes down to this – that we are human beings. Sometimes we get lost in the sea of all our technology. We get lost in the sea of “Oh, yeah, we have this, and we have this, and we have this, and we have,” you know, the big buzzword, the artificial intelligence.

But what is the artificial intelligence going to do when you have lost a loved one? What is the artificial intelligence going to do when you see no hope?

And on the subject of hope, this is what a lot of people need in their lives in this moment. Because when we lose that hope, it starts to look pretty grim. When we lose that hope, it starts to look pretty dark. Where do you turn? What’s going to happen? As you lie on your bed, and that ceaseless pounding going on, “Will you be okay? Will everything work out?”

And you know, that’s enough to keep anybody awake. But let me say a few things about that. One, hope has nothing to do with wishful thinking. Hope is real. Hope is your strength, is your power that comes from within you, that comes from your heart, that comes from you as a human being on the face of this Earth.

It doesn’t come from somewhere else – but it comes from within you. It is your power. It is your understanding; it’s not about wishful thinking. There is a big difference between all your desires, (“I wish things could be this way, and things could be that way”), and then the hope to accept the gift that you have been given.

What is the gift? That person who can see in their darkness, the value of the gift that they have been given, carries a bright light with them all the time. For them, there is no darkness. Because even a little bit of that light has the power to dispel that darkness.

And we carry that light. But we forget. We forget and we get so inundated with all the other things, and it all begins when we start to confuse hope with wishful thinking. We want dreams – everybody has dreams. Should we have dreams? Yes, we should have dreams. But our foundation should be that basic beautiful clear concise hope – hope, accepting.

You know, there is that beautiful song, “Amazing Grace.” And I really like that song. In fact, I went to the Royal Albert Hall one time, a long time ago. And I saw Judy Collins sing that song. And I was very touched.

Because yes, there is an amazing grace. And that amazing grace is every time this breath comes into you. Yes, there is an amazing grace. And that grace is every day that you are alive. Every day that is real for you, that is an amazing grace.

Somehow, you are here. And even though everything may not be going according to your “big plans” – but something is still happening. You are alive. There is still a beautiful heart that beats within you. There is still kindness that is flowering within you. There is still a joy waiting to bubble like a spring. There is still a desire to be fulfilled.

When you can zone in on these things that are so important – don’t underestimate them because these are your strengths! These are the bricks that will make your building. These – not the paint.

You know, when you look at a building, and to see if it’s structurally sound, you don’t look at what color the building is. No, the strength of the building comes from all that that is inside of that building. Your strength, too, comes from what is inside of you: your clarity.

How easy it is to live in doubt. How difficult is it to then come out of that whole pile of sand of confusion? I mean, we get buried! We get buried in it. And so much of the darkness that we experience is because we did not light our candle. We did not light our lamp.

It becomes imperative then that whatever happens – and as 2023 comes along, and maybe it opens up opportunities for us, and maybe we hope that it’s going to open up doors for us, and “Maybe things will be a certain way” and bla-bla-bla – that amongst all those things, you will light your candle. And you will ensure that that candle stays lit.

People like to be very pragmatic. Well, me too. Because I know you cannot see in darkness. That’s a reality. That is a truth – you need light to see. And there is a candle that every human being has within them. But it needs to be lit. It needs to be lit with consciousness.

We have to be conscious of what we are doing. That is our solution. That is our only hope, in a sense – that we stay conscious of what is happening in our life.

Not “I accomplished this.” Because somebody will come across and accomplish something more than that, you know? All these incredible times that are set, records that are set by so many athletes are broken by the new ones. That’s what happens.

But what is the record that you are going to break? That you can be that human being that did not drown in darkness. That you lit your candle. That you went forward. That you accepted the gift. That you really understood in your life what that amazing grace is.

And this needs to be your resolution. And whatever other resolutions you want to make, that’s fine – but this needs to be one of the most important resolutions in your life. You cannot forget your humanity. You can never forget your humanity. You can never forget your kindness.

When the reasons give way to violence, then the emptiness has won. Then the darkness has won – whatever the reason. And people always have a reason. And they think that that reason is more important than peace, than joy, than fulfillment – fulfillment of a human being.

There’s no question that one day we all have to go. Are we going to go empty-handed as we came? Or are we going to take something with us?

This drop that came from the ocean, one day this drop is going to go back and become a part of that ocean. It’s not about that. It is about “What did that little drop do when it was making its journey happen?”

Did it do what always has played out on the face of this Earth? Hate, anger, fear?

People are taking advantage of us; there’s no question about it. And we’re allowing them to take advantage. They’re saying to us – I mean, maybe it’s not the same exact people, but there are people saying, “Look, technology, technology, technology, technology, technology.” And people are going, “Yeah, technology, technology, technology, technology.”

And I’m not saying that’s good or bad. You know? To me, it’s very, very simple: if you’re driving a car on a road, (and relatively fast; maybe you’re on the freeway). And you saw something really beautiful on the side of the road, is that a legitimate excuse to crash your car? “That I was looking at something very beautiful.” No. You’ve got to pay attention!

And it’s the same way. Technology is technology, and will technology help us? Well, it’s obvious; if we use it properly, maybe it will help us. If we’d use it the wrong way, it will hurt us.

But – what about you? I’m not here to talk about the technology. I’m not here to talk about the consequences of one way or the other way. I’m just here to talk to you – about you! Because I know that when you are not in touch with your heart, when you’re not in touch with yourself, what happens, it’s not good.

All of a sudden, you become violent. All of a sudden, the very people that you love, you turn on them. And this all happens because you lost respect for your own self. You cannot respect anybody else. If you cannot love yourself, you cannot love anybody else.

So, today, as this time draws nearer, and we inch towards 2023, it’s no small matter – another year gone. And another 365 days: the door opens. What are you going to do? What is that going to be about?

In your life of all those possibilities, one day you have to go back to being the ocean again. But before you do, as a drop, there are advantages: you get to be you! As a drop, you get to be you; you get to have a personality; you get to be who you are.

And who is that person?! Is that the person who has truly understood what it means to be alive? Who has understood what it means to have this breath come into you?

The rest of it? I think it’s very appropriate to look at the Earth; it just goes round and around and around and around and around and around. And in a way, so many things have happened – and the same mistakes get repeated again, and again, and again, and again, and again.

Life cannot be about repeating mistakes. Life has to be about accepting – about accepting this life fully, accepting that amazing grace – seeing, feeling, understanding that amazing grace that truly exists in your life.

I don’t think the challenges are going to stop anytime soon. What will you do? Will you hang your head low? Will you succumb to the darkness in all its paraphernalia? Or are you going to look at the light? And in the storm, are you going to protect that frail little candle?

Frail it may be. But it has one powerful aspect. And that powerful aspect is that it can remove the darkness: just what you need in your life.

So, I hope 2023 brings you joy, brings you clarity, brings you so many beautiful things. And above all, brings you hope – the real hope. It brings you closer and closer towards the Knowledge of the self: that you know, understand, witness, experience that which fills your heart.

So, Happy New Year. And I hope in my travels I will see you soon. Thank you.