Environment of the Heart

"Fall in love being a human being." — Prem Rawat



Prem Rawat:

You have this most beautiful opportunity. And it begins—it begins with putting that weight that is on your shoulders down. Just put it down. And appreciate how light that makes you feel.

Enjoy being a human being. Enjoy. Do not look at yourself to assess your faults. But look at yourself to discover your opportunities. Because you’re alive, you have been given opportunities. You want to go for a walk?! Then take the walk in the avenue of the heart. And there, all opportunities that exist for you have lined up.

It is not about avoiding that day, the day that you have to go. You can’t do that. It needs to be about every day that you’re alive, that you are enjoying being a human being, and that day, being alive for one minute will become worth it. That day, being alive for one second will become worth it. That day, your existence will bloom.

Your heart will dance; your shoulders will be high. You will wear a smile like you never have. This breath coming in and out, so far it’s working, I’m happy. All good! And if it’s not working, I’ve got issues. And I should be happy every time it works!

Do you realize, if we got happy every time we took a breath, how happy we would be? I mean, it’d be like, “Stop, wait, wait, I’ve got to be happy right now; I just took another breath!” A police officer pulls you over, “You know, you’ve been speeding!” “Excuse, just a minute. I need to be happy right now. I just took a breath!”

Wow, your life really would be very different. It would be incredibly different. Instead of lighting incense, and playing Spotify’s “Spa Music, Relaxing”.... Well, what is this, “Relaxing Music”? (Music to make you relaxed.)

I feel like dancing when I listen to some music. “Relax?” My friends, take away my problems, I will relax. You don’t have to play music for it. “Music to be peaceful by.” Really?

“Environment.” And what about the environment of this heart, of you? Welcoming the divine in your existence. Understanding the divine in your existence. You have a billion excuses. “Too busy. I have to work. I’m old!” And yeah, the same mouth, different excuses. These ears know that voice. These ears, (I’m talking about mine). I’ve heard ‘em; I have heard all kinds of excuses.

And the justifications will be necessary, till you fall in love being a human being. Everything will make sense; everything will come together. The value of breath will be understood. The clarity in your life will shine like the sun. And you will know what it is that it’s like to be alive.

The word “life” will take on a different meaning. It will not be the junctions of pain and sorrow, stepping-stones from one sorrow to another sorrow to another sorrow to another sorrow to another sorrow. Life truly should be the stepping-stones of one joy to another joy, to another joy, to another joy, to another joy.